June 28 – The Hong Kong Observation Wheel, the International Commerce Centre, and Mong Kok


Nick and I in front of the Hong Kong Observation Wheel

See more photos here.

Following breakfast, Bernice was kind enough to take Nick and I to the iconic Hong Kong Observation Wheel. Although, we didn’t ride it (it’s no longer tall compared to the buildings around it), I enjoyed viewing it from the ground. Bernice also treated us to pineapple pork buns which were delicious!

The International Commerce Centre (ICC) is 484 meters tall and the 9th tallest building in the world. To get to the top. Nick and I went up two different elevators and through the Ritz Carlton hotel stationed on the tallest levels. The view is of Hong Kong is amazing!

In the late afternoon, I explored Mong Kok, a quirky district of Hong Kong. I found “Goldfish Market” a street full of pet shops where fish were sold in plastic bags along in store fronts. I also walked around Yuen Po Street Bird Garden where many shops sell exotic birds. Mong Kok is definitely a unique place!


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