June 25, 2017 – Ocean Park

OCEANocean 2

See more photos here.

When Hunter said that we were going to Ocean Park, I instantly thought it was a water park so I packed my bikini and towel. However, Ocean Park is really an aquarium, zoo, and amusement park all-in-one (you don’t need a swim suit)! Luckily, Hunter has an annual pass which allows his visitors to enter 40% off the ticket price for the month of June! The group of us included myself, Hunter, Nick, and two of Hunter’s friends: Dan and Bernice.

We walked through the aquarium section and saw some very bizarre fish including Red and White Lionheads, Golf Ball Peralscales, and Calico Crown Pearlscales, just to name a few. In the next exhibit, we watched some adorable Asian small-clawed otters, which are the smallest otters in the world. They are native to most of South East Asia and southern sections of China. Next, we observed some playful spotted seals and sleepy arctic foxes. The penguins were being fed when we arrived which was a cool sight to witness. All of them were swarming the zoo keepers!

While we were there, we also rode the Cable Car which provides a spectacular view of Hong Kong’s landscape. I would have liked to go on it a couple more times if I had time. The five of us also tried a couple roller coasters which was fun!


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