June 20, 2017 – Xingtian Temple, the National Taiwan Museum, and Taipei 101


The Amazing View from Taipei 101

See more photos here.

Wally had to work in the morning so he gave me a tour of his office, before I headed off to do some sightseeing on my own.

I walked through a famous bird street and noticed one gentleman with a small bird on the sidewalk. Allegedly, you can get your fortune told by a bird selecting a stick. The fortune teller will then provide you with your fortune according to the length and characteristics of the stick selected. I had already gotten my fortune told in India and didn’t feel the need to do so again. Then, I came to Xingtian Temple. Again, it was busy, filled with Taiwanese worshippers. I stood and watched for a while before looking around and admiring the architecture.

The National Taiwan Museum was interesting. I meandered through the Exquisite Stones of Formosa and the Animals and Plants of Taiwan exhibit. The section on Taiwan’s gemstone industry was very educational. Among the precious stones made from minerals in Taiwan, the relatively famous ones include five types: Nephrite (Taiwan jade), Taiwan black jade, Wen stone, manganese-rich rocks, and chalcedony. Overall, the museum was okay, but I expected a little more. However, Wally said that I should have visited the National Palace Museum instead, so I’ll have to visit it when I come back to Taiwan.

Afterwards Wally met me and we went up Taipei 101 – the 8th tallest building in the world, standing at 508 meters tall. The view was absolutely spectacular and we stayed long enough to glimpse the start of the sunset. At the top we drank Mango Beer Float! Basically, they put a scoop of mango gelato into a glass of beer which tasted great! Taipei 101 is definitely one of my favourite sites in Taiwan.


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