June 15, 2017 – The Cu Chi Tunnels

See more photos here.

Grace and I decided that the easiest and most cost effect way to see the Cu Chi Tunnels was do book the “Cu Chi Tunnels Half Day” tour with The Sinh Tourist, a large reputable tour company in Vietnam. We arrived at the Cu Chi tunnels (Ben Dinh) around 9:30 am and proceeded to an underground hut to watch a short film and presentation about the Cu Chi tunnels. Afterwards, we went to see the tunnels in person. According to the site’s pamphlet, the “Cu Chi tunnels are one of the most famous historical vestiges of Bietnam’s national liberation war. The network consists of over 200 km of tunnels is connected in a cobweb-like fashion. With determination and endurance, the tunnels were dug with rudimentary tools, then camouflaged the openings so well that nobody could find them.” The Ben Dinh Tunnel was the base of Cu Chi District Party Committee during the resistance to the Americans. It was also the place for dining, living, meeting, as well as a unique battle deployment location to fight for national salvation.

We got to enter a tunnel and go through about 20 meters of it. It was so tiny I had to hunch my back very far forward.  Afterwards, we taste-tested steamed tapioca root which was the staple food in Cu Chi during the war. It is extremely bland and tasteless. Overall, I’m glad I went to the Cu Chi Tunnels. However, I found the tour extremely rushed and felt the guide did not provide enough information.


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