June 13, 2017 – Crazy Canyoning with Highland Sport Travel: “Don’t be Lazy, Let’s go Crazy!”


“Don’t be Lazy, Let’s go Crazy!”

See more photos here.

I booked my canyoning excursion through my hostel for about $45 USD. Subsequently, I looked up the company online and discovered that Highland Sport Travel was rated #1 on TripAdvisor. That made me feel much more comfortable after learning that three British tourists had died last year while doing the same kind of tour.

We started by learning some basic knot tying and rappelling techniques at the Base Camp near Datanla waterfall. Then we headed off towards the river. In total we repelled down three rocks – including one where we landed in a waterfall which was awesome! Additionally, we also jumped off some cliffs into the river water and went down a small natural waterfall head first on our backs. It was definitely an adrenaline filled day and our group of eight participants were all gung-ho. Luckily, our guides were excellent and excelled in teaching the repelling procedures. Everyone completed all of the routes and had a lot of fun.


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