June 11, 2017 – Waterfalls and Weasels

8 limb pose

Striking an Eight-Angle Pose at the Pongour Waterfall

See more photos here.

The three of us rented motorbikes and hit the road. The 28 km drive to Elephant Falls was beautiful! The windy road with greenery on each side reminded me of the Sea to Sky Highway in Vancouver a little bit.

The falls was nice and you could get fairly close to the bottom where all the mist sprays you. The rock climb to the lookout point is a little dangerous. The route consists of a small railing secured into the already existing rock.

Next, we ran into a café and weasel coffee plantation called Me Linh Coffee Garden and decided to stop and try the weasel coffee. We ordered and then found a spot on the raised terrace overlooking the gorgeous view. The coffee came and we waited for it to filter and drip into the bottom of our cups before having a taste and mixing it with condensed milk. Weasel coffee has a distinctly full and tart aftertaste, but is otherwise quite tasty! Upon finishing our cups, my friends and I walked among the coffee plants below the café and visited a few of the weasels. Regrettably, they didn’t seem like they were in the best condition.

Further down the road, lies Pongour Waterfall which is stunning. The water cascades down many different rock levels and there are hardly any tourists in sight. I actually met two people there that I had previously met in Vancouver! What are the chances of that? The world is really quite small.

On our way back to Da Lat, we tried to make it in time to ride the Cable Car on Robin Hill, however Grace got lost and Alexus and I got there pretty late too. So we ended up watching kite flyers down by the lake and grabbing some more coffee.

In the evening, we sung the night away in a karaoke room. It was well overdue and loads of fun! Heaps of 90s songs were involved!


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