June 8, 2017 – Cooking Traditional Vietnamese Food and Hoi An’s Lantern Festival

make a wish

Making a Wish at Hoi An’s Lantern Festival

See more photos here.

The three of us signed-up for a three hour cooking class with “Mama Home Cooking Class”. From the booking office, we took a taxi to a local woman’s home about 5 minutes away. The woman introduced herself as “Mama No” and did a great job instructing our cooking class. It was a lovely experience and it felt very authentic and laid back. I was surprised that we were the only ones in the class so we had a private lesson for only $19 USD.

We made papaya salad, fried spring rolls, fried chicken wings, and a sweet and sour fish soup. Everything was fresh and delicious! We couldn’t even finish it all. The only thing the tour doesn’t include is a ride back to the booking office, but they ended up driving me anyways.

In the evening, Grace and I went to Hoi An’s famous Lantern Festival which is a monthly occasion. All of the street lights are turned off in the Ancient Town and beautiful paper lanterns illuminate the area.  We purchased overpriced paper lanterns, made our wishes, and then released them into the river. It was quite a sight to see and was very beautiful.


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