June 7, 2017 – My Son Sanctuary (A UNESCO World Heritage Centre)

my son

The Hindu Temples of My Son Sanctuary

See more photos here.

Grace, Alexus, and I rented motorbikes and took off towards My Son Sanctuary. The drive was gorgeous and I particularly enjoyed the countryside views! My Son Sanctuary is comprised of Hindu temples that were constructed from the 4th to the 13th century CE and was added to the UNESCO world cultural heritage list in December 1999. The entrance fee was a little on the expensive side: 150,000 VND ($9 CAD). But we did get to take an golf cart buggy to the site from the main entrance which was fun. Unfortunately, there is not much left of My Son due to the Vietnam War. There are ginormous bomb craters sprinkled around some of the temples. Overall, I found My Son underwhelming, but I’m glad I went. It was very quiet and peaceful. We could hear lots of birds and the surrounding landscape is magnificent.

According to the ticket I received upon entering, “My Son Valley is an important complex of Hindu temple-towers which is a symbol of Champa art and continuously developed from the 4th century to the 13th century. The ancient Champa people were raised to be “The masters of art in building brick”. The bricks were smoothed and aid closely and securely without mortar. My Son’s value is also reflected in the art of lively and finely detailed sculptures and carvings on brick.”

On the drive back the three of us got caught in a heavy downpour for two hours. I was glad I had my poncho with me!


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