May 30, 2017 – Sapa Trekking Day 2 (Ta Van)

Ta van

Trekking in Ta Van

See more photos here.

For breakfast, Mamma Chi whipped up some crepes with local honey and eggs with onion. On the side we had bananas, watermelon, and coffee… the coffee was actually quite good! We ate until we could hardly move and then set off into the mountains and remote villages. Luckily the day was clearer and you could see much more of the rice terraces.

After a long day of hiking, Alexus and I decided to take a herbal bath at a spa for 80,000 dong each or about $4.80 CAD. We hopped into the wooden barrels filled with hot water smelling of herbs and bark. It was a great way to relax and I wasn’t sore the next day all.

For dinner we had tofu, mushrooms, and cabbage. Mamma Chi is an amazing cook and will never leave you hungry!


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