May 27, 2017 – Meeting my Grace and Alexus in Hanoi


Its Time to Cool Off!

See more photos here.

My friend Grace from Vancouver and her friend Alexus flew into Vietnam this morning! They travelled far and wide to visit the lovely country of Vietnam and the timing worked out that we were able to meet up and travel together!

We both met while checking into the Rendezvous Hostel and then headed out to do some sightseeing. It was HOT outside (most likely close to 35 degrees Celsius) so we often ducked into cute cafes and ice cream parlours to escape the heat. I took both Grace and Alexus to Giang Café to try the delicious egg coffee. I was delighted to have it again! The place is always bustling and I love the old tiny wooden stools and tiny tables with marble inlay.

Afterwards we found ourselves in another café grabbing ice cream. I decided to have a hibiscus tea with passion fruit ice cream! It was amazing!!!

Later, we stumbled upon a lovely Buddhist temple where several people were praying. We saw a man carrying a dove with its head twisted 180 degrees facing its tail feathers. It took me a few seconds to realize that this was being presented as an offering and the neck of the bird had be severely twisted.

In the evening we went to a water puppet show. Although all the speech was in Vietnamese, there was still a lot of humour that did not need any translation. I loved the live music and I could not figure out how the puppeteers were able to move the puppets in unison so well and have them walk past each other. I was impressed by a set of dragon puppets that could be totally submerged in water and then spray fire out of their mouths. It was fun to watch! Grace, Alexus, and I also got 3rd row seats! I have no idea how that happened.


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