May 22, 2017 – Acting as a Tourist in the Film “A Summer in Vietnam”


Filming “A Summer in Vietnam” on Cat Co 2 Beach

See more photos here: 

Today, I met the film crew at 7:15 am at Cat Ba Beach Resort on Cat Co 2 Beach. An amazing 5 star resort on the furthest beach from Ca Ba’s city center (a 20 minute walk). I met the Assistant Director, Viet, in a hotel lobby a couple days before and he invited me to be an extra in the German film “A Summer in Vietnam”. I would be playing the role of a tourist.

I brought a couple changes of clothes with me with no logos, got free breakfast, and started my day by relaxing on a beach chair. It was fun but also a little boring. Two other people from Vancouver were also extras along with several other Vietnamese people. We pretended to play in the water, read magazines, talk in resort’s restaurant, and walked around to create movement in the scenes.

It was fun and I would definitely try it again! I received $30 USD as well as free breakfast and lunch. If I had more time, I would have stayed longer to do more acting there. The German cast and Vietnamese film crew were lovely.

On a side note, I have met four other people from Vancouver in the past two days which is crazy!




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