May 20, 2017 – Hiking in Cát Bà National Park


Hiking Through the Jungle of Cat Ba National Park

See more photos here:

Finally, some nice weather appeared!

Baptiste (who I had met the day before on our tour of Ha Long Bay and Lan Ha Bay) and I decided to go hiking in today in Cat Ba National Park. Again I booked my tour AliBabas for $18 USD which is a great price.  I really want to see the endangered Cat Ba Langur, but I wasn’t lucky enough. There are approximately 60 left in the world and all of them reside in Cat Ba National Park.

The four hour hike was mostly through a paved trail in the jungle until you get to the mountainous section which is a little scary. The path becomes spiky rocks for a couple kilometers. Although we didn’t see any animals, our hiking group saw incredible spiders, bugs, red crabs, caterpillars, and heaps of butterflies.

We stopped for lunch at a “remote” village called Viet Hai. It resides in a large valley, but it seemed quite the opposite of remote. It seemed to be flourishing with new construction and a growing community with its own tourism. After lunch, we continued our hike along the roadway passing cattle and goats as well as banana, lycee, and mango trees.

I didn’t know that a boat trip was also included in the tour, so that was great! The weather was gorgeous and we ended up going to Monkey Island again. This time, I got all the way to the top of the mountain and was able to take some amazing photos!


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