May 6-10, 2017 – Drifting to the Right Place

clearwater bay

Lost in Paradise

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It was a huge hassle getting to and departing from the main bay of the island off of Cambodia. Unfortunately, I had booked the wrong fast boat to my hostel and definitely paid the price.

However, once I got to this secrete island hostel, everything was perfect! The water is crystal clear and not polluted. The water is extremely shallow until you go out quite deep, and even then you can spot starfish on the sand 20 feet below you. At night, you can go swimming and see the phosphorescent plankton! The beach didn’t light up like in photographs, but if you move your arms around in the water it looks like electricity is coursing around them. It was spectacular!

The hostel I stayed at is the quintessential backpacker paradise. Literally, it is the only hostel on the beach with dorms, hammocks, and tents available. I stayed in the dorm for two nights and then switched to a hammock overlooking the beach for three nights. The staff are friendly, but the food is expensive. Funny enough, I met amazing friends there and even bumped into Tyler and Nathan who I had previously met in Phnom Phen!

I also explored M’pay Bay twice during my stay which is a 50 minute hike through the jungle. There are many poisonous snakes on the island including cobras! So far I haven’t seen any, but I have seen adorable monkeys, frogs, and giant geckos. While on M’pay Bay, I made some friends who later moved to the same hostel I was staying at.

Overall, it was the best place to disconnect from the outside world (there was no wifi or reception) and connect with the present and people around you. Whether that be through swimming, cards, monopoly, reading, food, or drinks. I love it there and used it as my own personal yoga retreat. It reminded me of my cottage which is one of the only places I can truly relax and get lost in the moment.


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