May 3-5, 2017 – Otres Beach


Sunset over Otres Beach

See more photos here:

I probably should have left the night before from Phnom Penh, because two nights there was definitely enough! I didn’t enjoy the city very much with its large skyscrapers and seemingly dodgy streets.

I left my hostel at 7:30am and arrived at Otres Beach just outside of Sihanoukville just before 2:00pm. I stayed at BOHO hostel and it was beautiful! The people staying in my room were lots of fun to party with!

Once I got there, I rented a yoga mat and headed to the beach to swim and relax. The water is unexpectedly warm and the breeze is welcoming. There were not very many people on the beach and only a couple locals selling goods.

Later that night a group of about 10 of us went to a jungle party (yes, actually out in the middle of the jungle) called Kerfuffle. It is a famous party that happens just outside Otres Beach every Wednesday from November till the end of May. It was lots of fun and I recommend going.

The next day, I grabbed a beautiful breakfast of muesli (granola), yogurt, and fresh fruit and then headed to the beach again with my yoga mat in hand. I did my entire Ashtanga Primary 1 Series for about two hours. It felt great to exercise again!

In the evening I watched the sunset over the water. Through my travels I have found that clouds really make sunsets and they did not disappoint tonight! The sunset was spectacular and I felt blissful watching it with a few people from my hostel.


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