May 11-13, 2017 – Saracen Bay, Lazy Beach, and Sunset Beach

lazy beach

Lazy Beach

See more photos here:

My friend Ella and I made it to Saracen Bay after waiting for 4 hours for the ferry and trudging though a rain storm. We split the cost of a reasonable bungalow on the beach owned by The Beach Island Resort. After not the best day, the two of us decided to make the best of the evening by getting pina coladas at a bar on the beach. We even got them to play Jimmy Buffett’s “If You Like Pina Coladas” song which made my day!

The following two days, I explored Lazy Beach and Sunset Beach. Both are beautiful and about a 40 minute hike through the jungle from Saracen Bay. I prefer Lazy Beach because it only has one set of bungalows along a section of it, whereas Sunset Beach has many different properties lining the beach. Both are essentially deserted and great for swimming.


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