April 30, 2017 – West Mebon


Watching the Sunset from West Mebon

See more photos here: https://flic.kr/s/aHskWSNwgG

In the afternoon, one of the managers of our hostel and about five others decided to go to West Mebon. This is the largest man-made reservoir in the Angkor area and is about 8 km squared. In the dry season it completely empty of water. However, there was still some water there in April. Before we left, we filled up some water-balloons and threw them at people along the way. Once we arrived at the pier, we hired a boat and brought some stuffed frog along to eat.

The water was shallow enough for me to stand on the sandy bottom. All of us, including the tuk tuk drivers, and boat driver relaxed in the water and enjoyed some cold beers. We even made a floating table out of the water cooler top! It was an amazing day of relaxing and chilling.

We also explored the West Mebon Temple in the middle of the lake. However, it is currently under reconstruction so there was not much to see.

We were the only people out on the lake and we just stay until the sun sank down below the clouds. The sky lit up in a multitude of colours for an amazing sunset.


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