Feb 18, 2017 – Sightseeing around Krabi Town


Climbed 1, 237 Stairs to the Summit of the Tiger Cave Temple

See more photos here: https://flic.kr/s/aHskPRkHTi

Motorbiking around South East Asia is one of my favourite ways to sightsee. You are totally engaged and aware of your surroundings. Whereas in a van you hardly pay attention to what’s going on around you. It also allows you to see whatever you want on your own time and is much cheaper.

Today, my mother and I took a scooter to the Tiger Cave Temple. It is one of the most sacred Buddhist sights in the province. There is a building built around the cave at the base of the mountain and it is easy to enter and see the multiple tiger statues and relics inside.

To reach the Tiger Cave Temple, one must climb 1, 237 steps! It took a while, but was well worth the effort. At the top sits a large golden Buddha statue overlooking the amazing view.

Afterwards, we drove to Ao Nang Beach which is situated on the edge of the main road and shops. The shops along the road adjacent to the beach are very expensive and I’m glad we decided not to book our hotel there. The actual beach was average. The sand was great and had tiny seashells were strewn on top. The backdrop of the limestone cliffs are outstanding. It is just a little crowded with long-tail boats and vacationers, but I’m glad I went to enjoy the sunset.


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