Feb 14, 2017 –Koah Sok National Park


“Who’s Monkeying around?”    Crab-eating Macaques Watch Children Playing in the River

See more photos here: https://flic.kr/s/aHskPMYSeX

Barb and I finally made our way to the ferry at Koh Phangan and then took a bus to Kaoh Sok National Park where we arrived around 3:30 pm exhausted from the journey. We checked into Monkey Mansion Bungalow where we stayed in a cute cabin. We also booked our overnight Lake trip for 2500 bhat each through Monkey Mansion Bungalow.

The two of us got a ride to the Monkey Swimming Hole, a local swimming hole that is regularly visited by monkeys. It is located on the edge of Kaoh Sok National Park about a 20 minute walk from our bungalow. You can swim in the clear river water and relax. We also happened to see a trop of crab eating macaques! There were very few tourists there and we saw a few kayakers paddling down the river.

For dinner I had a Thai pumpkin soup! It was out of this world and I will definitely try it again!


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