Feb 8, 2017 – Scooting Around Koh Samui


My Mom and I at The Crystal Bay Beach Resort!

See more photos here: https://flic.kr/s/aHskPpdKqC

My mom had never driven a motor bike before so she was not allowed to rent one. Luckily, I could because I had some experience driving scooters on the left side of the road in Indonesia. Thus, my mom sat on the back of mine and navigated.

We travelled north and finally found the “Big Buddha” after passing it once. It is situated at sea-level on a small rocky island. The Buddha lives up to its name and is one of the largest ones I have come across sitting 12 meters tall. From the base of the Buddha you can look out at the ocean and a lovely beach. Like most temples and pagoda, one needs to wear conservative clothing that covers the elbows and knees to enter. Most temples have robes that you can borrow for free or a small charge.

Next, we drove south, past Lamai Beach, to the famous Hin Ta & Hin Yai (Grandfather-Grandmother Rocks). It features two rock that each look like female and male genitalia. As the legend goes, an old couple who lived with their son (who had come of age), felt that it was time he got married.  One day the old couple decided to sail to the neighbouring province to ask for the hand of Ta Monglai’s daughter. However, during their sea journey, a storm hit and the old man and his wife died at sea. They turned into rocks as proof to the bride’s parents of their true intentions.

Lamai Beach was our next stop. We sat outside Jasmine Resort for a short while. The beach felt very crowded and exclusive. There were so many hotels along it with their own chairs that it was hard to find space to just lie out on your own towel. I much preferred Chaweng Noi Beach.

On our way back, my mom and I stopped at The Crystal Bay Beach Resort overlooking Crystal Bay to grab some cocktails and lunch. The food was amazing and the beach was gorgeous. The vibe was also much better than Lamai Beach as it was public and open to everyone.

In the evening I met up with my friend Johnny who I had met on Gili T during New Years. He showed me around town and we played pool for hours at this one bar. I was absolutely atrocious and lost every match except one!


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