Feb 2, 2017 – The Grand Palace and Wat Pho


Wat Pho

See more photos here: https://flic.kr/s/aHskRMwDgg

Barb (my mom) and I arrived at the Grand Palace around 10:30am. The entrance fee was outrageously priced at 400 Bhat and the place was packed. It felt like being in a sardine can and it was so crowded that it negatively impacted my experience. It was also difficult to take photos without any people in the background. Overall the palace itself was beautiful.

The next temple we went to was Wat Pho. Thankfully, the entrance fee was only 100 baht. It houses a famous reclining Buddha inside which is well worth a visit. Additionally, there is also a massage school within the temple walls. So, we got our first Thai massages there! It felt great… I think… I’m never quite sure what to make of Thai massages because they kind of pinch and knead your skin. But the masseuses do a good job of getting your knots out. Overall, I enjoyed this temple much more than the Grand Palace because it was virtually empty. Additionally, it used lots of great colour and had charming small statues around the grounds. It was also nice to enter a room, sit, and stay a while. The vibes were much more peaceful.



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