Feb 1, 2017 – Barb in Bangkok


A Tuk Tuk at Sunset

See more photos here: https://flic.kr/s/aHskP62y5S

We slept in a little bit before heading down to the spectacular buffet breakfast! Lots of international cuisine was served and it was the first time I had eaten maple syrup since being away from home. The buffet consisted of different types of food including: station Japanese, Chinese, Indian, Thai, and Western. In addition an omelette station, fruit, yogurt, cereal, cheese with cold cuts, and more was available!

The two of us spent the day completing a few errands and taking it easy, because my mom was still quite jetlagged. We went to the Indian Embassy in Bangkok to see if I could get an Indian Visa for more than one month. Unfortunately, the answer was “No”. Afterwards, we went to the Thai Travel Clinic at the Hospital for Tropical Diseases to get my first of three rabies shots (for South East Asia) and my yellow fever shot (for future travels). As a result, my mom and I became well versed in Bangkok’s transportation station. We took the metro, tuk tuks, and a speed boat through the canal. Tuk Tuks are a lot of fun and because they are narrower than taxis, they can fit through small spaces and can get you to your destination faster.

After getting my affairs in order (or at least as much as possible), Barb and I took a tuk tuk to the Jim Thompson House. Jim Thompson constructed 6 teak buildings on his property to represent the best of traditional Thai architecture. The structures are beautiful and well preserved. According to their brochure, Jim Thompson was an American born in born in Greenville, Delaware, in 1906 and as a military officer he fell in love with Bangkok. One of the most interesting facts about Jim Thompson is that on March 26th, 1967, he disappeared while on a visit to the Cameron Highlands in Malaysia and was never seen again.

Next, we took a tuk tuk to the Golden Mountain Temple or (Srakesa Temple). We walked to the top to watch the sun set over the city.  Nearby was Siam Road – one of the party and bar districts of Bangkok. Barb had her first taste of street food and got a pad thai and coconut ice cream. Delicious! We walked along and also we tried Chang beer for the first time. All the beer in Asia tastes very similar to me. After walking down the road and looking at all the inexpensive merchandise, we returned back to our hotel.


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