Jan 31, 2017 – Gardens by the Bay and Meeting my Mom in Bangkok


Gardens by the Bay

See more photos here: https://flic.kr/s/aHskNYbn4C

I met Melissa for lunch on my last day in Singapore. We ended up walking to a hawker centre on the other side of Gardens by the Bay which is a beautiful park in the city with several man-made “Super Trees”. They are 25 to 50 meters tall and sparkly with hundreds of lights at night. The shape of them reminds me a little bit of the photos of trees I’ve seen in Madagascar.

At the hawker centre, the two of us sampled fried kway teow, fried hokkien noodle, and beef and chicken satay with peanut sauce. They were all delicious! I also got a traditional Singapore Laksa (I had been aching to try) to-go for dinner later. The laksa tasted like one I had tried to make at home once that had ended up a disaster. This one was one hundred times better.

After lunch, I caught my flight to Bangkok to meet Barb, my mom. I haven’t see her in about four months. Barb has never been outside of North America before (with the exception of Mexico) so I was excited to see her and explore Thailand together. After exiting the airport, I took the metro to the city and then hailed a motorbike to take me the rest of the way to the Ramada. I checked in and at reception and was provided with a refreshing glass of juice. Yum!

I opened the door to our room on the 14th floor with an amazing view and waited. Less than an hour later my mom popped her head in the door. We had a warm reunion and chatted for a couple hours before heading to sleep at 2:30am.



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