Jan 29, 2017 – Universal Studios Singapore and Lion Dancing


Beware: T-Rex Crossing at Universal Studios Singapore

See more photos here: https://www.flickr.com/gp/140043503@N03/Yc1B25

I do not regret going to Universal Studios one bit! I bought my ticket at the tourist office to get a discounted rate the day before. The different worlds that were featured included:

  • Far Far Away
  • Madagascar
  • Hollywood
  • New York
  • Sci-fi City
  • Ancient Egypt
  • The Lost World

Looking at the lineup at the entrance gates, I was a little anxious that I had not purchased the more expensive Express Pass. However, once I got inside, it was smooth sailing for the rest of the morning. Several rides had priority lines for single riders which was perfect for me.

I went on the Transformers ride twice, The Mummy twice, and The Jurassic Park ride twice. I thought the Jurassic Park water ride could have incorporated more dinosaurs or splashed the audience with more water. In the afternoon, I watched a performance called “WaterWorld”. It featured some cool fire effects, but I definitely prefer the other rides. I also watched the Universal Studios Hollywood Parade which was a lot of fun!

I rode the two large roller coasters called “Cyclone” and “Human” in the afternoon. I did have to wait about half an hour in line for each roller coaster, but it was well worth it.  By the late afternoon, the lineups in the Far Far Away and Madagascar areas were over 20 minutes long for the children’s rides, so I decided it wasn’t worth my time. Overall, Universal Studios Singapore was a blast!

Trying to find dinner by my hostel was cumbersome. Most of the restaurants and hawker stalls were closed for Chinese New Year, but I eventually found one serving Thai food! I got a delicious green curry.

On the way back to my hostel, I overheard drumming coming from a Chinese temple. I stopped by and saw a lion dance performance! I was offered green tea, sweets, and a spot inside with about 50 other people. Monks were on one side of the room and children were on the other, waiting for the dragon to give them candy. It was a lot of fun!



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