Jan 25, 2017 – Beach Day in Labuan Bajo, Flores


Sharing some Es Sop Buah (Fruit Soup) with Willow

See more photos here: https://flic.kr/s/aHskN1vVCd

On my second to last day in Indonesia, Willow and I rented a motorbike to explore Labuan Bajo and the surrounding are. We were staying in the same hostel and had become friends. About a week earlier, Willow had been in a motorbike accident and severely scraped a lot of the skin off her knee and arm, but she’s a tough cookie and was not afraid of driving again.

Pantai Pede is only a couple kilometers away from town, so we headed there first. It is a small beach with a pretty view of the water. Only locals were relaxing there. We enjoyed some ice cream while watching the waves and listening to a group of Indonesians sing Feliz Navidad in the background.

For lunch we stopped at a small restaurant on the side of the street. It also happened to serve a dessert called “Es Sop Buah”. Willow and I could not resist trying this fruit soup. It was composed of large chunks of ice, fruit (including apple and avocado), coconut milk, and some grated cheese on top! Perfect for a hot day!

We continued onwards and stopped at Alice View Point. We hiked up a small hill to see the surrounding landscape which was spectacular.

Finally, after battling a motor that continued to cut out as well as some potholes and mud, we made it to another beach after driving into one of the fancy resorts. It seemed pretty deserted and no one seemed to mind. The water felt amazing! Unfortunately, we had to cut our stay early because it started to rain. On the ride back Willow and I got completely soaked!




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