Cultural Notes and Observations: Indonesia

  • The most popular religion is different depending on which island in Indonesia you visit.
    • Bali – Hindu
      • Every morning locals put out offerings of flower petals and other items in banana leaves in temples, restaurants, everywhere
      • There are many small Hindu temples everywhere! There was even one in WaterBom – Bali’s water park.
    • Lombok – Muslim
      • Many schoolgirls and women wear hijabs
      • There are mosques everywhere and you can hear prayers several times a day
    • Flores – Christian
  • On each island there are also aboriginal peoples which have their own dialects. For example, the Sasak tribe on Lombok.
  • To enter holy places such as temples, one must wear a sarong
  • Motorbike is the most popular form of transportation
  • Uber and Grab are outlawed in some areas. As a result, taxi drivers are like the mafia and will harass you and your Uber driver if they see you trying to get in their car. Beware!
  • The language of Bahasa Indonesia shares some words Malaysian
  • In Kuta, Bali no street food was sold
  • The fast/ food of Indonesia is Bakso (a soup)
  • Prices of most items and services and are negotiable
  • Indonesian currency has a lot of zeros and is slightly confusing. It took me a while to get used to it. $1,000,000 is $100 CDN
  • Some of the food is similar to Malaysia, for example Nasi Goreing and Mie Goring
  • Seaweed is a popular snack
  • Indonesia concentrates on serving fresh fruit juices/shakes at restaurants. Most of them are watered down and do not have as much sugar in them as Malaysian drinks
  • Desert is a rarity
  • People often transport goods by balancing them on their heads
  • Driving on a scooter is fun, but watch out and drive on the left. Road rules are virtually non-existent. For example, even though traffic drives on the left, sometimes cars and scooters will go right around round-a-bouts

Food I’ve tried:

  • Cap Cay – Indonesian curry
  • Shrimp Chips
  • Lalapan
  • Gado-gado!
  • Amazing peanut butter!! It’s sweet and mixed with a soya sauce. It is popular to have on satay or barbequed meat
  • Ikan – Fish
  • Traditional “Tiapet” – rice balls with a peanut sauce and sprouts
  • Bintang Beer
  • Coto Makassar
  • Kari Sasak – A delicious style of curry from Lombok
  • Oxtail soup
  • Snake fruit
  • Ranbutan
  • Sirsak

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