Jan 23, 2017 – Padar Island, Komodo Island, and Pink Beach


Padar Island – Photo by Elizabeth Brown

See more photos here: https://flic.kr/s/aHskRhnoZw

I woke up at 4:50am to meet my guide agent at 5:20am. At his shop, I collected my snorkeling equipment and then headed down to the docks to meet the rest of my group.

One of the women in my tour group was from Montreal, two were from new Zealand, and four others from Indonesia. The trip costed 450,000 IDR which is about $45 Canadian but that doesn’t include the additional park fee of 250,000 IDR or $25 CAD.

The boat ride was fun and our first destination was Padar Island. It is absolutely beautiful! Although, it contains only a couple komodo dragons, your odds of seeing one there are slim to none. We spent about an hour hiking to the top of the peaks and enjoying the views.

Next stop: Komodo Island!!! As we approached the dock, we spotted several deer on the beach. We walked up to the ranger office and paid our fees before starting our guided hike. Our group wanted to do the medium trek, but I’m pretty sure they took us on the shorter route. Unlike Rinca, our hike was mostly in the jungle and we did not see the island’s suroundings from a higher elevation (which would have been nice). We passed by one komodo dragon nest, and saw lots of wild boar, deer, and birds. We did spot one dragon near a watering hole and then about 8 near a ranger station building. Komodo dragons are such incredible animals and very relaxed (most of the time). Our guide was not as informative as the one I had on Rinca Island.

Our last stop was Pink Beach! I always find pink beaches underwhelming because I always expect them to be pinker than they actually are. If you look just where the water meets the sand that is the most pinky part. As well, if you pick up the sand you can spot flecks of pink coral in it. However, below the surface, pink beach was great for snorkeling! I saw lots of stunning fish and coral.

On our way back to Labuan Bajo I saw a couple dolphins coming up to the surface and a turtle poke its head out of the ocean!


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