Dec 29 – Jan 3, 2017 – Celebrating the New Year on Gili Trawangan, Lombok


See more photos here:

After our adventures apart, Franki, Ranah, and I rendezvoused at our hostel called “Up to You” on the Island of Gili Trawangan or also known as Gili T. Of the three Gili Islands off of Lombok, Gili T is known as the party island for young people, Gili Meno is better suited for couples, and Gili Air is more family oriented. We chose Gili T because we wanted a fun place to celebrate New Year Eve in Indonesia. It is also very accessible from Bali.

During our time on this small island we:

  • Watched the beautiful sunsets
  • Visited the turtle conservation centre on the beach
  • Went snorkeling on the beach
    • Franki and I went snorkeling off one section of the beach and found 2 hawksbill turtles!!! One of them we watched eat sea grass for a good ten minutes. It was ginormous and very relaxed.
  • Ate the incredible barbequed corn sold by street vendors
  • Visited the night market for dinner
  • Went on a sorkeling/island hopping tour
  • Partied
  • Biked around the island
  • Relaxed in resort pools
  • Met lots of new friends
  • Tried not to get too sunburnt

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