Dec 28, 2016 – Broken Bay (Pasih Uug) and Angel’s Billabong


Angel’s Billabong

See more photos here:

After finding breakfast outside my hostel for 15000 IDR ($1.5 CDN) and discovering which ferry to take next, I headed to Broken Bay and Angel’s Billabong. Both were about a 5 minute walk from each other but the ride there took over an hour. It rained in the morning so some of the road had puddles and muddy patches. Additionally, the road got progressively worse the closer you got closer to the sites. I felt like I was mountain biking on my scooter!

Once I got off the “broken road” to Broken Bay, I could finally stop to catch my breath. In front of me stood a beautiful rock archway encasing a small beach (although I don’t think you could swim there because the surf is so strong).

A short walk away is Angel’s Billabong, another natural wonder. It is a natural infinity pool overlooking the ocean with several large caverns with fish and sea urchins. I went swimming in it and checked out the sea life below! If you continue walking, you can see the waves crashing into the rocks creating huge bursts of spray.

I stopped by a small night market close to my hostel for dinner. For dessert, I got ice cream for 8000 IDR (80 cents) and a bubble tea for 6000 IDR (60 cents). The food on Nusa Penida is much cheaper than in Bali.



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