Dec 27, 2016 – Nusa Penida’s Crystal Bay and Gammet Bay


Crystal Bay

See more photos here:

Today I scooted towards the other side of the island to Crystal Bay (named after its crystal clear water) which took about 40 minutes. It’s located in Banjar Penida, Sakti Village and is only 20 minutes from Toyapakeh.  It is one of my favourite beaches and was absolutely stunning!

I brought my goggles and literally swam to the site where the other tourists paid to snorkel and saw lots of really neat fish. I also did some reading and enjoyed sitting in the shade drinking from a fresh coconut!

After talking to a local, I was recommend to visit nearby Gammet Bay so I scootered over there next. The hike down to it wasn’t too bad and I was rewarded with a beautiful black sand beach that was entirely deserted and teeming with corals. The water was good but was a little too shallow and wavy for swimming. So, I decided to do some yoga on the beach instead.

On the way back to my hostel, I stopped at a Green Lion Turtle Conservation Centre. It wasn’t really set up for public viewing, but I decided to have a look anyways. There were about 30 tanks with hawksbill turtles of various ages. After about 8 months they are released. There were several volunteers cleaning out tanks and giving medicine to the turtles. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get too much info because everyone was so busy.

I finished my day overlooking the water with mango juice in one hand and a plate of cap cay in the other. YUM!


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