Dec 25, 2016 – Christmas Day Mangrove Tour


Into the Mangroves!

See more photos here:

Franki, Ranah, and I had a lazy morning before scooting off to the famous Yellow Bridge connecting Nusa Camiguin to Nusa Lembongan. Nusa Camiguin is known for great cliff jumping spots and scenic lookout points. Unfortunately, when we arrived at the bridge, it was broken. The new construction was slowly progressing and workers were still finishing the foundation. Tourists can still cross using boats but we decided not to.

Instead, we did a tour of the mangroves on Nusa Lembongan. We drove around the east part of the island until we came across a small sign advertising mangrove tours. An Indonesian woman who barely spoke English came out to greet us and off we went! The woman used a large pole to navigate the shallow turquoise water and propel us through the mangroves. We saw several birds and took in the lovely views. Overall, the three of us were glad to contribute to the local community offering a sustainable tourism activity.

Following our mangrove tour, we headed separate ways. Franki and Ranah headed towards a seaweed farm and I to the beach at Mahagiri Resort. In the evening we relaxed and packed for the following day. Franki and Ranah were headed to Gili Meno and I was off to Nusa Penida.



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