Dec 24, 2016 – Christmas Eve on Nusa Lembongan


Swimming in Sadeg Lembongan’s Infinity Pool overlooking Mushroom Beach

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We arrived to Nusa Lembongan via fast ferry from Sanur (only a 30 minute taxi ride from Kuta). The island is quite beautiful and dotted with small guesthouses. There are only a few cars on the island so the primary mode of transportation is scooter.

As it was Christmas Eve, I wore my Santa hat the entire day!

Franki, Ranah, and I rented a couple of scooters and putted around on them for the day. We went to Mushroom beach, which I thought was supposed to be good for snorkeling. However, there was too much boat traffic so we stayed to one side. I did spot a few angel fish though. Afterwards, we snuck into a resort and used their beautiful infinity pool overlooking the water.

Afterwards, we visited Dream Beach, where the surf was so strong you couldn’t swim in the water. It was beautiful, but only for watching. A few minutes’ walk from Dream Beach is Devil’s Tears – an area where ocean spray shoots up and also swirls around so it looks like a mist. It was very cool!

The third beach we went to was Sunset Beach. We accidently drove past it a few times before spotting an infinity pool beside it to relax in and hang out. It was great!

For dinner, Franki made latkes from scratch, I provided a fruit feast of dragon fruit, guava, and mango, and Ranah bought a delicious chocolate cake. We ate it at our hostel and watched the sunset.

Later that evening, we went to the Mahagiri Resort which was hosting a gigantic beach party with a DJ booth, stage, and beanbag chairs. It reminded me of a Much Music style setup. We met a lot of Swedish people and danced around a Christmas tree with them singing a very old and traditional Swedish song. Overall, it was a lovely Christmas!


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