Dec 10-14, 2016 – Adventures in Kuching


The Sarawak Cultural Village

See more photos here:

Dec 11, 2016 – Chillin in Kuching – a city filled with cat statues because Kuching means “Cat”!

Today we relaxed and recharged. It was also rained a lot during the day. The rain comes in huge downpours but doesn’t last long. Ranah and I got some amazing palm sugar flavoured ice cream from DP Ice Cream.

In the afternoon, the three of us escaped the rain by ducking into the Chinese History Museum and learning about how Chinese immigrants contributed to the development of Sarawak. Its petite and can be finished in less than an hour.

Dec 12, 2016 – Sightseeing in Kuching

Kuching is extremely multicultural. It includes, the many aboriginal peoples, Chinese, Indian, and Malays.

Franki, Ranah, and I ventured to Fort Margarita on the other side of a small river crossing through the city. I was a little disappointed because looking across the river, there is a beautiful large golden building beside it, which is what I thought the Fort was…. But it was a government building. The Fort was actually a small picturesque concreate fort tower painted white. Unfortunately, it is quite expensive to go inside so Ranah, Franki, and I just admired it from afar. We walked around the island and stumbled upon Miri Cake House, a famous cake chain. After trying at least 20 samples, I settled on purchasing a s’more flavoured cake. YUMMM!

Later, we strolled down the streets of both Old China Town and New China Town. Small red lanterns are strung along the streets which are very cute. We settled on some Kuching Laksa for lunch and I got an egg tart and pandan tart from Hong Kong Puff. They were still hot and the best egg tarts I have ever tried! India Street is a little more touristy and sold an assortment of clothing and foods… not many of which were Indian.

Dec 13, 2016 – Applied for my Indonesia Extended 60 Day Tourist Visa

All I needed was my:

My Passport

X1 Passport photo

X1 Copy of my passport

X1 Copy of my plane ticket out of Indonesia

X1 Copy of my bank account statement that included my name showing more than $1000 USD

X1 Letter describing why I wanted to extend my visa and where I would be travelling to

X1 Completed Application form that you fill out in person at the consulate

The Consulate of Indonesia in Kuching, Malaysia is quite close to the airport (about 20 min drive from the downtown core). I took an Uber there for about 10 RM. If you drop off all the paperwork before 12:00pm you can pick it up the same day at 4:00pm. The cost is 190 RM. From reading online anecdotes, this process is much easier than getting the visa extended while in Indonesia.

Dec 14, 2016 – The Sarawak Cultural Village – A Must See!

The Sarawak Cultural Village was much better than I had anticipated and I highly recommend any tourist or local to visit! It is also a great place to grasp the cultural of the aboriginal peoples of Malaysia before visiting other longhouse sites. The village features longhouses of the Bidayuh, Iban, Orang Ulu, Chinese, Melanau, and Malay. From talking to the staff it seemed that most or all of them were from one of the cultures featured in the village and were encouraged to practice and share their crafts, art, music, swords, spinning tops, and dances with tourists. Ranah, Franki, and I learned a dance where you have to jump in-between and around two moving bamboo poles. I also tried some fresh sugar cane juice. Yummy!!

Lastly, the dance performance that happens twice a day in the theatre was impressive. One performer blew darts over the audience to hit a balloon on the other side of the theatre. It was also interesting to see how intricate and detailed the foot movement was. The performers used the ball of their feet as well as their heels and the sides.

When the three of us got back to Kuching we went to the Top Spot food Court and tried ayam pansuh (a traditional cuisine of chicken cooked in bamboo) and a ginormous oyster omelette. Delish!


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