Nov 27, 2016 – Sepilok’s Rainforest Discovery Centre


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I woke up naturally around 7:00am as the sun hit the side of our room which was half open to the outside. All you could hear were birds and bugs filling the morning air.

After breakfast, and running into a fellow traveller who we met in Kota Kinabalu, we ventured to Sepilok’s Rainforest Discovery Centre. It is absolutely stunning and is the botanical counterpart to the Orangutan Centre a minute’s drive away. We seemed to have the entire park to ourselves, as we barely saw anyone else.

We checked out the botanical gardens which held a multitude of plants. My favourites included a cocoa tree, cinnamon tree, red bamboo, pitcher plants, and orchids. We also saw some cool birds, butterflies, and bugs.

While on the canopy walkway, we heard some rustling in the trees and spotted a wild orangutan! We watched it for a long time, as it stared back at us calmly. After some time we slowly approached it to continue our walk and it swung away into the jungle. Later on we also spotted a giant ground squirrel.

Once we returned to our hostel, we took a van to Sukau on the Sungai Kinabatangan to do a famous river cruise.


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