Nov 11, 2016 – Bacolod’s Negros Forest & Ecological Centre, The Ruins, and the Negros Museum


Our Tour Guide at “The Ruins”. He was featured on the television show “Big Brother” in the Philippines

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We started off the day by visiting the Negros Forest & Ecological, Inc. Biodiversity Conversation Centre. Its non-profit organization committed to protect, conserve, and preserve the environment and to safeguard the sustainable use of the Island’s natural resources. Additionally, it aims to breed endangered species under captivity.

Franki, Ranah, and I saw many animals, most of which we had never seen before including the:

  • Visayan tarictic hornbill
  • Visayan Warty Pig
  • Visayan Spotted Deer
  • Southern Rufous Hornbill
  • Philippine Eagle Owl
  • Southern Philippine hawk-eagle
  • Visayan Lepoard Cat “ Maral”
  • Philippine Sailfin Lizard

The centre was tiny but did a good job with the limited funding it had.

Next we took a jeepney to “The Ruins” known as “the Taj Mahal of Negros”. In the early 1900s, Don Mariano Ledesma Lacson built it in honour of his late wife who passed away giving birth to their 11th child. Although a lot of it had been burned, the Italianate architecture and detail was stunning.

On our way back to our hostel, we stopped by the Negros Museum which was actually built using donations from Canada. It had interesting artifacts and paintings illustrating the history of the region. The museum also happens to have one of the largest international toy collections which was my favourite part! It included toys from over 60 countries.

For dinner we went to one of the most popular seafood restaurants in the city called: Bacolod 18th St. Palapala Seafood Grill & Restaurant. Franki, Ranah, and I all ordered squid dishes which were amazing!

Bacolod had some of the best food in the Philippines and it was very well priced! We got Chicken Inasal (barbequed chicken) from street vendors several times and it was delicious.


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