Nov 10, 2016 – An Island Tour of Siquijor


Jumping off Cambugahay Falls

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Siquijor is a small island and tricycles (motorcycles with an additional side carriage) can drive around it in under 2 hours. As a result, it is very popular to hire a tricycle for the day. We got a driver for 900P in total!

Our first stop was the Century Old Balete Tree. It was beautiful and approximately 400 years old. At its roots lies a fish spa. You stick in your feet and the fish eat all of the dead skin. It feels quite ticklish!

On our way to the Cambugahay Falls, we saw an old church and beautiful views of the countryside. The walk to the falls was down one hundred and thirty five stone steps. Ranah and I jumped off the top of the waterfall which was lots of fun!

Next stop: Salagdoong Beach Resort which is famous for cliff-jumping. The rock actually has two diving platforms, one set at 20 feet high and the other at 35 feet. I jumped off the taller one along with a local Filipino man from Manila and a couple other tourists. It was not busy at all while we were there, but I assume it would be the go-to place in the high-season. Along one side of the rocks is a pretty beach.

Afterwards, we stopped at our driver’s favourite beach called Paliton Beach. It is beautiful and no one was on it except for us.

That evening we took a ferry and night bus to Bacolod.


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