Nov 5, 2016 – Nacpan Beach and Corong Corong Beach El Nido


Nacpan Beach

See more photos here:

Today we ended up travelling to some nearby beaches via tricycle. Filipino tricycles are motorbikes that have an additional frame with seats to carry passengers. Customers will also sit side saddle on the back of the motorbike.

It took about 45 minutes to get to Nacpan Beach from El Nido and our tire popped along the way so our driver took an additional 30 min to drive to a mechanic to get it repaired.

Once we arrived at Nacpan, we got mango shakes and lunch while sitting under a palm leaf hut! I walked along the beach for an hour or two before jumping into the water. The surf was extremely strong and great for body surfing. Unfortunately, Ranah lost her glasses to a large wave. It was lovely that the beach had very few people on it and not a single large restaurant.

In the late afternoon, we took the same tricycle to Corong Corong Beach which is on the opposite end of El Nido. It has a much more commercial flair to it and more of a party atmosphere. We watched the sunset over beautiful limestone cliffs.


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