Nov 4, 2016 – Tour A: Exploring Big Lagoon and Small Lagoon


Navigating Big Lagoon

See more photos here:

Just before 9:00 am, Franki, Ranah, and I met Carmella (who sold us Tour A) back on the beach. A motorbike met us and we rode on the back to the beach where the boat was docked. The three of us were later joined by a French family and our two tour guides on the boat. It was very nice to be on such an intimate tour where as many of the more commercial ones have 25 people. Additionally, I was continually surprised by how many French tourists I’d met in the Philippines and how much I had been able to practice my French!

Unfortunately, the weather was a bit cloudy, but it was much better than the day before where it had down-poured for most of the day.

We checked out Small Lagoon first. It is too small for boats to fit inside so Ranah, Franki, and I decided to swim. Most people rented kayaks for an additional 500P, but we’re on a budget and you really don’t need to if you’re a good swimmer. By swimming, we were also able to check out the fish below!

Next we went to Shimizu Lagoon for snorkeling. We saw clown fish and I took a bunch of photos with my GoPro (thanks for lending it to me Chris!). Overall, the spot was only okay and some of the coral had been bleached.

Afterwards, we had lunch at Secret Lagoon. Our tour guides caught Spanish mackerel off the back of the boat for us and barbequed it. They also provided fresh bananas, yellow watermelon, chicken, and vinegar dressing. It really does not get better than that! I also purchased a fresh coconut from a guy who was kayaking around the islands! Although it is not so secret anymore, the area of Secret Lagoon is very pretty and has a small lagoon at the end of it where you gain access by crawling through a small hole.

Big Lagoon was beautiful and one of my favourite places! The water was different shades of turquoise and the limestone cliffs are spectacular.

Lastly, we went to Papaya Beach instead of 7th Commando Beach. It was a bit sea-weedy but the view of the island with the palm trees was great!

For dinner Franki, Ranah, and I shared some avocado and mango spread on some fresh bread from the bakery beside our hostel.

Later that evening we out to the Pukka Bar on the beach for Ranah’s Birthday!


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