Oct 27, 2016 –Sagada’s Echo Valley Hanging Coffins Tour


The Hanging Coffins!

See more photos here: https://www.flickr.com/gp/140043503@N03/S6hptr

Once we got to Sagada, we found the Yogurt House, a restaurant that my Lonely Planet book highly recommended for its freshly made yogurt. The place was a little touristy for my liking. Just as we were finishing our lunch, in walked Wiebke, the German doctor we had met in Kayaban and her new friend Arthur! We caught up and decided to do some sightseeing together.

Sagada is very environmentally conscious and the entire town is built on eco-tourism. In order to participate in any tours one must pay a 35P environmental fee at their tourism office.

The five of us decided to do the “Echo Valley Hanging Coffins” tour. It included several stops. First we visited the first church in Sagada which held a statue of Jesus carved out of pine wood. Afterwards, we walked through a small cemetery where all the tombstones were painted white. Finally, our group hiked to a large valley where your voice echo loud and strong after you have stopped yelling, clapping, singing, yodelling, etc.  Lastly, we viewed the hanging coffins! Some of them were 500 years old.

That evening Wiebke, Arthur, Ranah, Franki, and I all went out for a Filippino-style dinner and grabbed a drink at the only bar that was open.

We ended up staying in the Labanet Hotel. It was the nicest place we had stayed at yet! Only 800 Pecos or $22/night for two double beds, a private washroom, and a balcony.


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