Oct 26, 2016 – Hiking and Walking Among the Rice Terraces of Maligcong


Getting in a quick yoga pose on our tour of the rice terraces

See more photos here: https://flic.kr/s/aHskLZLpm1

Suzette organized a tour guide for us to do some hiking and see the rice terraces. The guide happened to be her neighbour, Juanita, who was a very kind 40-year-old woman. After a breakfast of omelette, toast, herbal tea, and a banana, we headed off into the pine tree forest. The homestay’s dog, Tiny, also joined us. We first climbed Mount Fato which means “rock” in the local dialect. The view from up top was spectacular and we climbed some rocks at the top to take in the 360 degree view.

To get to Mt. Kupapey we decided to take a shortcut that turned into a bit of a longer route. The typhoon had disturbed many of the bushes and Juanita had to hack and slash as much as she could with her umbrella (because she didn’t have a machete).

The view of Maligcong’s rice terraces and the village from Mt. Kupapey was spectacular and many groups trek to the top to see the sunrise. We rested for a bit and had a typical Filipino lunch (a boiled egg, rice, and lunch meat).

Next were the rice fields! I loved walking among them. You could feel your feet slowly sinking into the muddy earth with each step. Most of the rice fields had been recently harvest so only a few were green. We also found an ox lying in one of the fields which Juanita called a “carabao”.

We took a short break at the Elementary School and stopped at an in-home sweet shop where we played with two adorable 3-week old puppies. Ranah and Franki could not get enough of them!

After trekking back to our homestay, Juanita led us to Nardo’s Orange Farm, which is a private farm that grows oranges, dragon fruit, guava, tilapia fish, and more. Although, they had finished selling all their prime fruit, the owner was kind enough to let us try some of the fresh reject fruit which was still amazing!

The entire day only costed 900 P which is $24.85 CDN for our guided tour.


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