Oct 23, 2016 – Bustling Baguio: The City Market, Tam-Awan Village, and Mines View Park

Mines View Park

See more photos here: https://flic.kr/s/aHskvjjFTe

We woke up, packed, checked out, and stored our stuff in our hostel for the day while we did some sightseeing.

Baguio is a university town known for its fresh produce, especially strawberries. We ventured to the ginormous city market located in the centre of Baguio which was like its own separate shanty town. It sold everything from local foods, decaying meat, beautiful flowers, nick-knacks, to fruit we had never seen or tried before.

Then we took a taxi to the Tam-Awan village, a small scale replica depicting how local tribes previously lived. There are 8 traditional Igorot homes there built of timber, thatched rooves, and bamboo flooring following Cordilleran architecture. A small koi pond sits in the middle.

After, we took a taxi to the opposite side of Baguio and up a mountain to Mines View Park – definitely the best view of the city. We stopped at a restaurant overlooking the view and had a delicious lunch of turmeric tea (my new favourite), rice, beef, yellow and green mango, onions, and tomatoes wrapped in banana leaves. All for 180 P which is $4.97 CDN!

After lunch we had to withdraw money from ATMs because our Lonely Planet book said that there we no atms north of Baguio. Ranah and I both had difficulty withdrawing Pecos so we called TD’s customer service using Franki’s phone and got everything worked out.

Our next stop was the “Slaughterhouse Bus Depot” to catch a van to Kabayan. Our taxi driver who took had a brother and sister living in Vancouver and was very fond of telling us about them. Many Filipinos that we have spoken to had family or friends in Vancouver.

4 hours later we arrived in Kabayan which is famous for its caves and mummies. The journey was much longer than normal due to the damaged caused by the super typhoon that had blown through a couple days earlier. Much of the road experienced extreme landslides and we also had to avoid many cows lazily sitting on the road. Good thing we didn’t hit one… I don’t like beef tartar.

Kayaban had been without power for 3 days when we arrived, due to the super typhoon.


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