Oct 22, 2016 – Busing from Manila to Baguio

dsc_7032See more photos here: https://flic.kr/s/aHskLqmWwf

Today we packed up and went for breakfast at the Coffee Bean, a reasonably priced café that is actually American (we didn’t realize until we sat down). I got a chicken pesto sandwich for breakfast with mango juice. Afterwards, Lhen kindly drove us to the bus depot where we promptly jumped on the bus as it was already headed out of the driveway.

The drive took about 7 hours to Baguio and we stopped twice along the way. We passed through various farmlands and small villages. Many small shop owners had the logos of “Globe” or “Smart” on the sides of their shop signs. These are the predominant phone companies of the region and I wonder if they provide signage if these villagers sell their prepaid phone services.

Farmers were also busy as we passed by. They would lie out a golden coloured grain on the shoulder of the road to spread it out, measure it, and package it into large sacks.

We arrived in Baguio in the evening and we could see a lightning storm in the horizon. It took a while to find a hostel. The one we wanted to stay in was full, so we ended up at the “Upstairs Bed and Bath”. It consisted of a 25 person room with a 6 beds sectioned off by a wall and dividing screen for females. There were no locks on any doors and the staff could not any question about what to see or how to get around, so Franki and I got information and a map from a nice hotel up the street.

Franki and I also went to Café by the Ruins for dinner. I got an amazing vegetarian chopsuey with a Mexican hot chocolate (see below). At their downstairs bakery, I picked up some Filipino breads for breakfast the next day.




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