Oct 20, 2016 – Exploring Manila: The Manila Cathedral, Fort Santiago, and a Night Market


See more photos here: https://flic.kr/s/aHskLWtBDQ

Fort SantiagoThis morning Lhen treated us to a traditional Filipino lunch at Kusina Enrique in one of the malls beside her home. It included fresh mango juice (my favourite), a seafood soup, and oxtail style curry, and grilled squid! Yummy!

Later on, we explored the Manila Cathedral, the oldest cathedral in Manila. It was established in 1581. Since then, it has been reconstructed 7 times due to typhoons, earthquakes, battles, and other disasters.  It also has the largest organ in South East Asia.

Nearby was Fort Santiago, one of the oldest fortifications in Manila which has also been rebuilt several times due to natural disasters and war. The walls were shorter than I had imagined and there was a small moat. Many of the grounds had been transformed into a golf course and driving range. Inside the fort a small museum was created to celebrate the work of Jose Rizal, a Filipino nationalist.

When we arrived at St. Augustine’s church, a wedding was taking place so Franki, Ranah, and I observed the architectural features and décor from the front door.

In the evening, we went a small night market just across the street from Lhen’s home. It had small trinkets and gadgets for sale at one end, a stage with seating in the middle, and Filipino food cooking on the other side. It was great to try some local food and beer while watching live performances of Karaoke and hip hop dancing. I tried some grilled chicken intestine which actually wasn’t too bad.




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